The Trouble with Sex: DOCUSERIES       

Guided by our experts and therapists, The Trouble with Sex explores common and controversial sex and relationship issues as real people bravely expose their most intimate secrets and struggles on camera in hopes to improve their sexual wellness and find true connection. Our series explores a variety of common and not-so-common sexual challenges with an eye toward finding positive solutions.

The Trouble with Sex team is also planning a national road show in 2020, bringing sexual health and wellness experts to cities and towns across America. Local therapists and practitioners will join us for educational events, workshops and resources. We are seeking a limited number of product sponsors to join us on the national tour.

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Interested in Being on the Show?

If you have a story to tell or a problem to solve, we’re interested in speaking with you. Please contact us at

Production Team:

Our producers include: Brandi Savitt, Jane Applegate, Chiemi Karasawa and Erin Miller