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Meet Rev. Beverly Dale, author and pastor.

Rev. Beverly Dale  Photo by: Erika Kapin Photography

Rev. Beverly Dale

Photo by: Erika Kapin Photography

Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, ordained clergy in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the Chair and Founder of a non-profit, the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (IISF). She trains professional leadership an inclusive, science-friendly, sex-positive Christianity both through Incarnation Institute and at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. Rev. Dale and Rachel Keller, a certified therapist and sex counselor, published a unique resource with Routledge Press titled, Advancing Sexual Health for The Christian Client which combines the insights of science about healthy sexuality with a sex-positive Christian theology. The book provides valuable tools and insights to professionals whose clients or parishioners experience debilitating sexual guilt, shame, and fear that has come from their religious beliefs.


Episode 4:
Kink, Consent and Coming Out

Journalist Joseph Jaafari

Journalist Joseph Jaafari

Dr. Tammy talks with Journalist Joseph Jaafari about coming out and challenges faced by gay, bisexual and transgender people today.

Joseph Darius Jaafari is a 2019 Tow fellow at The Marshall Project. A graduate of the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, his work covering LGBTQ issues, crime and the military has appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlantic, VICE and other international publications. His documentary on abuse within the gay kink community, “WOOF: A Barkumentary,” won three honorable mentions at international film festivals, and his other video work has been published in The New York Post and NationSwell.

Episode 2:
Vibrators, Empowerment & Sex After Cancer

Dr. Tammy talks with Unbound Babes founder, Polly Rodriguez.

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Episode 3:
What the Heck is Sex Tech & the Future of Sex?

Dr. Tammy sits down with futurist Bryony Cole in this provocative episode.