Dr. Tammy’s Latest Books


When You’re the One Who Cheats

When You’re the One Who Cheats is an in-depth look into a subject that’s steeped in misperception. For example, much of the general public is unaware that there have been sharp increases in infidelity rates among females.

According to renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author Esther Perel, infidelity rates have spiked by 40 percent since 1990. Wednesday Martin, author of “UNTRUE,” cited that 50 percent of women have admitted to having intercourse with someone besides their spouse while married.

Dr. Nelson’s latest work offers readers, especially those that may be in an extramarital relationship, expert advice on understanding the reasons they are engaging in infidelity in the first place. It also delves into best practices for how to stop cheating -- either by ending the affair or their current marriage -- as well as providing guidance for those still in an affair for what comes next.


The New Monogamy

Everyone has their own concept of what “monogamy” means—and most people assume their partners and spouses are on the same page. Couples may assume that they are monogamous, but never discuss exactly what the monogamy agreement means to them. What happens when this implicit agreement is broken?

This insightful and practical book will help couples re-define and re-start their relationship in a positive and supportive way.